How to create a post

Start creating a post to a learning unit. The post can be created for self-paced learning and evaluate the learner's learning outcome. If you wish to use the post as an assessment, a criteria is required.

How to create a post

  1. Go to Design and planning
  2. Select a learning unit
  3. Go to Sessions tab
  4. Click View/Manage button of the session  

  5. Click "Create new post"

  6. Define a title of your post
  7. Insert instructions of your post 

  8. Select type of media you want to upload


    • None if you don't want to upload any files.
    • Video only 1 file can be uploaded and must follow these requirements
      • The videos should not longer than 6 minutes per each because it is a perfect period for the leaners to stay focused
      • Only MP4 and MOV can be uploaded
      • The solution of the video: 720p - 1080p or more
      • Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3 horizontal only
      • Subtitle must be added to support continuous learning
    • Image multiple files can be uploaded and it will be shown as an album. Most of file types are supported such as JPEG, PNG, etc.

      Attachments for uploading additional files (if applicable). You can attach all types of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Image files.

  9. Schedule a publish date of your post


  10. If you want to use this post as an assessment, scroll down to "Add to your post (optional)" to enable submission. Note that you can't change the setting once your learning unit has been published and when a submission has been submitted to the post

  11. Then, add an existing criteria or create a new criteria to your post to evaluate the learner's learning outcome. 


  12. Click "Create"

Once you have completed creating posts, you can see them on posts list. Each post will be tagged to identify which one is learning or assessment posts. The learning post is just a post that including learning materials but the assessment post aims to be used as a learning outcome's assessment. 



  The assessment criteria won't be able to edited once the submission has been submitted to the assessment post.

  The due date can't be scheduled. The learner can submit their assignment whenever they're ready as long as the session is still active.

  If the publish date is scheduled conflicting with start session's time, it must be rescheduled otherwise the learning unit won't be able to sent for review for publication. 

  For an OBEM Learning Unit, at least one assessment post with a criteria is required before publish the learning unit.


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