How to resubmit evidence


After submitting evidence but receiving Denied as a result,

you can improve your skill (if needed) and then resubmit the evidence..


How to resubmit evidence 

After you have received denied status on your first resubmission 

  1. Go to User Dashboard
  2. Click Verify competency 
  3. See the assessment result of each part at Evaluation and Comment (if your performance needs more improvement, you can click "Go to Learning" to learn more)
  4. If ready to resubmit your evidence, click Create new submission
  5. Edit your texts and/or attach new files as a new evidence (you can go back to read a previous comment by filtering at "Submission date" then select the previous submission date)


  6. Once complete the submission and accept theStudent Privacy and Academic Integrity Statement, click Submit
  7. Recheck the Micro-Credential and then click Confirm


  • For Learn+Verify mode, you can submit evidence although your progress hasn't reached 100% yet.
  • After complete the submission, you won't be able to edit it.
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