How to see the details on teaching feed

The instructor can see the details on teaching feed after the session has been active. They will get to see the posts list of a learning unit there by clicking "Teaching" tab.  

The Details on a Teaching Feed

  1. Go to "Teaching" 
  2. Select a session 
  3. Click "Teaching Feed"
  4. On the Teaching Feed page, it shows the following details below

Title of a learning unit shows a name that describes a learning unit

Type of a learning unit shows whether it is a general learning unit or an OBEM learning unit

The session detail shows session ID, the status of session (draft or published), session date and time, and online meeting schedules

Ultimate learning outcome shows the statement that describes the knowledge or skills the learner should acquire by the end of a particular learning unit


Posts List shows all the created posts which you can select each post by clicking on the list.


Online Meeting  shows date and time of the online meeting. Click "Show details" to see the schedule of all online meetings of the session. Zoom is used for online meeting. Click "Start Online Meeting" when it reaches the start date. After the meeting ends, the recording will pop up automatically on the teaching feed. The instructor can review the recording before publishing it by clicking "View recording" and the instructor can edit the post by clicking at 3 dots then select "Edit" to complete information of the post. It is also can be deleted. If you want the learner see the recording, click "Publish"

online_meeting_teaching_feed.png    meeting_details.png


Learning Post shows the Learning Posts which are created for the Learning Unit but without assessment.


Assessment Post  shows the assessment posts which are aligned with learning outcomes of the learning unit for the assessment. The Instructor can create an additional criterion which is used for assessment in case they don't want to align the assessment post with learning outcomes. Click "Review" and give feedback on the submission.



Evaluate Learning Result  shows the assessment result of all learners in the learning unit (available only for OBEM type).


Direct message shows the conversation between the instructor and learner in the Learning Unit.


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