How to grant OBEM certificate

Granting OBEM certificate can be done only in the OBEM Learning Unit. The leaners will receive the certificate after they have completed and been assessed by the instructor. They must pass the LO-Aligned assessments at least 1 activity. However, the decision must be made by the instructor on how many LO-Aligned assessments are used for award.

Steps to grant OBEM certificate

  1. Select Learning Unit
  2. Go to Sessions
  3. Select Session you want
  4. Click View/Manage


  5. The system will direct you to Posts tab, click Grant OEM to start granting the certificate


  6. Select Show to see the status
    displays all learners' statuses
    displays the learners' status who have received the Learning Outcome Certificate
    Not yet
    displays the learners' status who haven't passed the Learning Outcome
    displays the learner list that the system suggests the instructor to issue the Learning Outcome Certificate

    grant_lo_cer_show_status.png   grant_lo_cer_show_status_1.png

  7. Click the learner's name to follow their learning progression


  8. Click "Grant Learning Outcome Certification" to issue the certificate
  9. Click "Confirm" for the confirmation

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