How to add more instructors to a learning unit

Adding more members as an instructor to your learning unit can be done once you're a learning unit owner or an instructor. However, only the member who has an instructor account can be added. If you still don't have an instructor account, click "Become an instructor" tab after signing up. Once you're approved, there will be "Design and planning" displaying on your account.  

How to add a member

  1. Select a Learning unit 
  2. Go to the Instructor tab
  3. Click "Add instructor" 

  4. Type an email of a person you want to add (must be the same email that is used when signed up)
  5. Enter to search for the person's account
  6. Click "Add"



  A member who has been added to a learning unit will be in an instructor role. The person is able to manage everything in the learning unit as equal as the learning unit owner. However, deleting the learning unit can only be done by the owner.

  A person who has an instructor account but has enrolled in a learning unit will become a learner of the learning unit. The person will not be able to be added as an instructor to the learning unit that they  enrolled. 

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