Search and see Micro-credentials details

After signing up and signing in to the website;, you can search and see all Micro-credentials that are available through the website's Homepage. The Micro-credentials information is categorized. You can click the category of each Micro-credentials or scroll down to see more details of them. 


If you want to find more details of the Micro-credentials that you're interested, click on it. The system will direct you to a new window with these information below; 

  • Overview of Micro-credentials 
    - Competency; identifies the learner's proficiency
    - Key Method; the way to approve the learner's proficiency
    - Sub-Issuer; an organization or agency that verifies the learner's proficiency 
    - Price; the fee of Micro-credentials
  • Method Components is the in-depth details of the method used to approve learner's proficiency.
  • Reference is a source of information that MC designer uses in order to ascertain in designing specific Micro-credentials. 
  • Learning Resources are further learning materials of Micro-credentials that the learner selected.
  • Submission Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria is a condition for evaluating the evidence.
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