Why do we do Micro-Credential?

We desire to see everyone be able to “mix&match” to create their own unique learning path, which doesn't need to be the same as others because competencies should be built according to the learners. However, we cannot achieve this if they need to complete all courses in a curriculum within a limited time as we do today.

If we make the education system too big, when they enroll in the courses, they will have to complete all the courses. However, we could manage it smaller for them to choose only some parts. This will allow learners to save time and led to self-paced education. That is to say, they do not need to study early at an equal rate.

What we want to see the change in education via micro-Credentials is the education system with core competency. We want the learners to demonstrate what they are capable of. After that, whenever they are ready, they can move on developing their abilities.

  Learn What You Need

For learning, what we can help is that they can learn what they need. There is no need to relearn with us at all if they already know and be capable of it.

Thailand greatly experiences a skill Gap problem. The industry has various needs in which skills can be greatly supported by KMUTT. Therefore, there is much market potential but no one ever does it seriously.

Now, Thailand critically has education problems. We need to improve Thai education on a larger scale. How can we aim to reskill/upskill? This is an issue for the university.

Because the future of Thai education we can do. To solve the problem is the beginning of answering the question of that why we need to rethink and redo? Why do we attempt to do this competence-based education?

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