OBE with Micro-Credentials

KMUTT designs education that aims at outcomes or it can be called Outcome-based Education (OBE) which is something smaller, faster to design, and easier for management.


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Assume it is the curriculum. In each curriculum, there are Program-level Learning Outcomes (PLOs). To earn each PLOs, the design curriculum team must create the Learning Path to indicate what the student needs to study each year in a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior year respectively to complete those expected PLOs.

Micro-Credentials or MC is also the Outcome-based Education design but it is more specific.

  • A Stack of MCs, Credit-bearing there will be a Stack of MCs included in a curriculum.
  • A Stack of MCs, Non-Credit-bearing is the stack of MCs which is not included in a curriculum

What will we do with the designed MC? How can we use it for? and where can we use it?

KMUTT is creating Earn and Learn platform called KMUTT4life as a starter which is providing an open channel for everyone to earn Micro-Credentials and learn specific competencies that are designed according to OBE methods or it is called Modular based-design.

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