Micro-Credentials Ecosystem

Let's get to know the Ecosystem of MC: What is the responsibility of the Earner, Issuer, and Recogniser and How is it related?

Micro-Credentials Ecosystem

consists of people in 3 groups.

  1. Earner or Learner who earns Micro-Credentials.
  2. Issuer who approves Micro-Credentials. They can be an organization or agency that has the ability to develop specific skills. To be an Expert to verify these abilities. So, If they verify learner or earner that means they really have the ability. However, The issuer must have to manage people in 3 groups such as:
  3. Recogniser is an organization or agency that will recognize the value of Micro-Credentials to confirm that Micro-Credentials can function.


For an example of Micro-Credentials Ecosystem

One Man intends to change the career from Media to Data Engineer but hasn't the evidence to confirm that he can do it. So, when he earns KMUTT Micro-Credentials, he will get a set of Micro-Credentials and then apply for a job at IBM. Therefore, IBM is Recogniser.


You will see that Ecosystem will occur when the issuer approves Micro-Credentials to the Learner or Earner and they really use Micro-Credentials to their benefit.


In some cases, Some learners might not want the Digital Badge, maybe want to just learn. Therefore it depends on the requirement of the learner that they want to share Micro-Credentials or not? or whether you want to get that specific competency to your needs or fix the problem and find solutions of career or work.

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