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How do we earn Micro-Credential? There are processes as detailed below.


  1. Go to https://app.4lifelonglearning.org/en
  2. Explore Micro-Credential or Specific Competency as you want to demonstrate
  3. Then, The system will ask you that are you ready to Show What You Know? 

    If you are ready

    You can submit the evidence on request immediately to show that you have the specific competency.

    If you are not ready

    You can learn what you need from Learning Unit at Learn Platform which focused on self-paced learning and asynchronous. When you get ready and confident then submit the evidence to earn Digital Badge.

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  Learning Unit

The learner does not have to sit in class or learn according to a module or may not need to learn. If the learner has the ability and confidence to do it well, They can prepare the evidence as a portfolio and upload it. If they pass the assessment criteria, They will be earned Micro-Credentials.

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