How to share digital badge and evidence

Steps to share Digital Badge 

  1. Go to the website then select the menu My Badges
  2. Select Micro-Credential (MC) that you wish to share
  3. Click Badge then the new window, Share Badge will appear
  4. Copy the URL to share Digital Badge 

    Digital Badge

      Can be shared through Social Media platforms as you wish

      The others can click "Verify" to recognize the achievement of the owner of the Badge and be aware of the issuer who verifies this Badge.

    Through the Blockchain's data management to ensure that the Badge will not and cannot be modified. 

Steps to share Badge along with Evidence

  1. Click Evidence the Share Evidence window will appear
  2. Copy the URL to share. The link will expire in 24 hours so you can share the evidence of your verified skills with others :) 
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