Earn and Learn Platform

Because the future of Thai education we can do.

For everyone to prove and develop Thailand Education to meet the industry's need nowadays. Thus, KMUTT provides two sections of Micro-Credentials that we emphasize. That is specific competency for everyone to earn and learn. 


Earn Platform

is a specific competency verification platform through evidence submission where assessors from KMUTT will assess the evidence. If the evidence reflects the passing assessment criteria and demonstrates that the person has a specific competency, He/She will earn a Digital Badge.

It's a platform for uploading Specific Competency Evidence which is self-paced learning.


  • must be Job-embedded Evidence - evidence from job experience meaning that the evidence does not get from building up to meet the learning.
  • is part of daily work or activity gathered as a portfolio, and submit to the Earn platform.

Learn Platform

Learn platform, there are two parts of Learning PLatform


Orange Square Blue Square contained a triangle
is a part of Micro-Credentials design. It is a part that provides learning resources such as video, workshop, and other learning activities which enhance specific competency. 

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