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learn.4life is a learning platform for everyone to learn and develop needed specific competencies which consistWhat is Micro-Credential? of 2 colors (As the picture)


  • The orange color is part of Micro-Credentials. That the designer suggests that earner should learn, such as face-to-face workshops, online seminars, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • The blue color is a learning unit that has an assessment and Learning Outcome acceptance called Outcome Based Education Module (OBEM) which includes Learning Outcome, Assessment Activity, and Learning Activity (OBE Constructive Alignment).

The learners from this side will get a Certificate as a transcript to verify that which Learning Outcome they have passed. Obviously, they need to pass an assessment activity as the designer has designed.


Example of Learning Unit

Curated Learning
is to use Free Online Learning Resources to make learners easier to understand because the designer is an Expert in that specific competency. So, They will know which part will help the learner as well.
Online/Offline Learning
is to be Learning Experience that will offer to learners such as online lectures, face-to-face workshops, Online Seminars, etc.
Self-Paced Content
is to be content is created such as Micro Content of Udemy Video which is a small video stack of videos and each section will be set the goal of Learning Outcome, Podcast will show learner to understand the concept through talking or Articles, Text-based content as well.

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