MC Design Components

Let's get to know about a component for designing Micro-Credential. In this article, we will show you how OBE is important for the design.

The design structure of Micro-Credentials consist of

  1. Title to show what the earner has a specific competency
  2. Competency to show the specific competency
  3. Key method to show what method is used.
  4. Supporting Rationale and Research Reference 
  5. Learning Resources to suggest to the earner about what they should learn more to accomplish the MC.
  6. Submission Guidelines and Criteria to show the specific requirement on each evidence that the earner must submit


Micro-Credentials Designing is not difficult but requires the understanding of

  • What is competency?
  • What is the key method?
  • What are the criteria of Rubric?

As long as the teacher design MC according to OBE which already contains the assessment that can be used for adaption in Micro-Credentials designing, for example, the criteria from assessment design, skill training, and other materials. 

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