The Concept KMUTT Micro-Credential

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi or KMUTT tries to build a new way of the education system that verifies and improves the specific competency of the learner by proving their ability with their performance evidence. The learner will be received a Digital Badge which can be collected and exchanged for credit to accomplish the degree.

Micro-Credentials is changing the education system. It is changed from Time-based Education or a general education system to Competency-based Education or Needs-based Education.


We assume these 2 types of the education system were bus stops.

  1. Route A is an Outcome-based Education. Generally, the university provides a full course that is arranged as a package, and Time-based is used. It is like traveling by bus in a tour package which means it must be traveling pass all the bus stop that is fixed according to the course. The learner likes it or not, the bus will stop anyway at those fixed bus stops. And when time is up, everybody will get back on the bus. If you don’t come back on time, you will miss the bus because it will leave the station at the exact time.
  2. Route B is a new way of the education system. The learner can choose a course as they pleased or want to accomplish. There is a Learning Pathway which is similar to a bus route that the learner can choose to get their way. When they are ready to travel, or how far they want to travel just buy a ticket as far as it can bring them to their desired way. If they wish to learn only, they can. Or if they are ready and assured of their performance, they can prove their competency to achieve a Digital Badge which is certified by KMUTT.

  KMUTT Micro-Credential

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