How to resubmit evidence

After Micro-Credential Evidence submission, the result e-mail will be sent to you within 14 days. If the e-mail states that the submission is not passed!, you can submit the evidence again.

  Email Subject: Constructive Alignment Principle Application for Learning Units Denied.

 How to resubmit evidence 

  1. Log in to your e-mail to check the result 
  2. Click Resubmission to review Feedback from the Assessor 

      the Denied status will display on the Resubmission page of the MC that does not get passed.

  3. Click Submission Guidelines & Evaluation Criteria to review the result along with a comment of the Assessor that is left on each part of Assessment Rubric and Feedback from Issuer that is located at the last section. 

      Assessment Rubric

    Part 1: Overview
    This part is where you inform about your evidence. You can type down your answers and attach files. The information will be automatically saved by the system.
    Part 2: Work Examples/Artifacts/Evidence
    This part is where you can type your answers and attach files. For example, work examples, artifacts, and other evidence.
    Part 3: Reflection
    This part is where you can write an explanation. It is an extra part that might not apply to every MC because it depends on each designer. You can type your answers and attach files to present what you have learned while you are preparing for the evidence.
  4. Scroll up and click Create New Submission to resubmit the evidence
  5. Select the file that is already revised according to the Feedback

      You can read the comment given by the Assessor again at Submission ID. Click the drop-down and select the ID of the previous submission.

  6. Scroll down to Resubmission Note for Issuer to indicate the detail of the evidence where it has been changed according to the comment from the Assessor
  7. Go to Student Privacy and Academic Integrity Statement to confirm the readiness to resubmit the evidence by checking at...
    • Ready for Review to confirm the readiness for the result
    • Confirm Release to confirm the submission of files or the evidence
    • Confirm Work to confirm the submitted evidence is your original work
  8. Submit your answer and then click OK

      Wait for an automated response email to confirm the submission verification and for the result within 14 days.

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