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The difference of "How" is a determinant of the dissimilarity of Micro-Credentials. For example, we can predict sales trends by using Theory X. This is considered as one Micro-Credential. And if we also can predict the sales trend with Theory Y, it is considered as another Micro-Credential.

So, the combination of "What" and "How" is important for such a specific proficiency. 



Micro-Credential is not only telling what you are capable of something but also how you can do by using a specific method. 

The information of Digital Badge or Digital Certification will be shown as follows:

Who? For example, the earner in the video is  Mr. Love Learning
Badge Name
or Micro-Credential which name is Analyzing sales data and predicting future sale trend using statistical technique X
(the "How" that is used shown in the profile as well)
explain the details of the Badge 
Who certifies the Badge? For example, the issuer is KMUTT Science Academy 
How can we know Mr. Love Learning is competent? He must submit the evidence through the system to prove he can analyze sales data
We can ask for more evidence to make sure of his competency.
Date earned
is the date when a Digital Badge has been received and when it will expire. So maybe analyzing sales data using theory X  will expire. 
for checking why the submitted evidence set has been approved. Get passed, how? Not pass, how?


You can see that any evidence which can demonstrate your skill can be collected digitally in a Digital Badge. 

This article is showing you how a Digital Badge looks like. You are suggested to watch the video, MC Starter Pack EP.2. And if you are wondering or more interested, why do we do Micro-Credential? You can follow it from the next article :)

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