Sharing digital badge and evidence

Show the world what you are capable of doing. Did you know that you can share your evidence, feedback and comment from an assessor, badge with the world?

If you want to make your job seeker account, CV and resume visibly noticed by HR on your profile. Let’s see how to share your Digital Badge or link back with your account.

Once you have successfully passed the assessment, the status of the micro-credentials you applied for on your User Dashboard will change to Achieved.

user dashbaord achieve1.png

Steps to share Digital Badge and Evidence

  1. Go to the User Dashboard.
  2. Choose the tab Achieved.
  3. Click Go to badge collection of the Micro-credentials that you would like to share.
  4. The platform will take you to the Badge collection, then click the Share button.share badge2.png
  5. Click on Next.
  6. Click Copy to get the URL link for sharing. The link remains active for a duration of two weeks after the link was created, allowing you to easily share your evidence with others.
  7. Click Done.

    Digital Badge

      Can be shared through Social Media platforms as you wish

      The data associated with the Digital Badge is securely preserved through Blockchain Technology, ensuring that the badge's data cannot be altered. Other individuals can view the "Verified" status to recognize the achievement of the badge owner and identify who certified this badge by clicking "View Badge Details" to access more information.

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